How do we build our applications?

High Automated Test Coverage
We develop applications with at least 90% automated test coverage to reduce software development cost and increase its quality. We carefully design our application architecture to achieve highest test coverage, but with low line count of test codes.

Continuous Integration compliant
Continuous integration is a necessity to all of our software development projects due to the benefits it provides like early detection of problems and automation abilities. Through Jenkins,  we automate test execution, reports generation and release management. We design our application architecture to be Continuous Integration friendly for easy implementation of automation initiatives.
Code quality conscious
Easy to read codes is a high priority since most of the software costs are spent in maintenance and not in the development phase. We ensure our codes are coding standards compliant, low complexity, low duplications, and potential bugs free.

All our cloud servers are managed by Puppet. As a startup, we don’t have the luxury spending our time managing our servers so we automated it. Thus, we can focus on the essential task which is building applications.

Building a high-performance application requires wide range of expertise because it covers from coding practice, architectural design, server configurations and anything in between. Our team have the the best work experiences in ensuring  an application can cater high volume of users.