2017 OJT Openings await!

Ready for encoding and doing some clerical stuff? Then DevKinetics is not for you! We need technical ninjas! At DevKinetics, we are dedicated to the growth of each intern and ensure they will have significant accomplishments before the internship ends. If you think  that your skills fit any of the openings below, send your resume at wecare@serbisyo.com. 

Front-End/Web Developer


  • Work on graphic-design of prototypes and UI design mockups for user interfaces
  • Over time, execute independently delegated tasks in user research and user observation, interaction design and information architecture
  • Support creation of high-fidelity User Interface designs and mockups
  • Build reusable code
  • Ensure code quality


  • Relentless drive to learn and succeed
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Good understanding in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or any other JavaScript related frameworks.

Substantial training and career growth is guaranteed. Previous DevKinetics' OJTs can attest to that! Be involved in several projects that will surely help Philippine communities.



"OJT in DevKinetics, it's second to none. Training is the one of the best in it's class. Let's admit it, our education system lacks real life training which really shows up when we're deployed in the field. DevKinetics gave me training on a real working environment. I'm a UNIX/DevOps and at first everything sounds alien to me. From server configurations, to system deployment. It went from nothing to awesomeness in just a short span of time. Sir Kim's hardcore training plan plus his guidance and everything went smooth as a butter. It's like every single day of my training gives me a tremendous amount of knowledge. It's been three months since I started my training here and I can say that knowledge in IT field skyrocketed in that short period of time. I definitely recommend this to everyone who seeks knowledge in IT field."

- Frederick from Batangas State University  Facebook testimonial link


"I’ve been an OJT trainee of DevKinetics Inc. for 3 months. Can you imagine? For just 3 months of training I’d learned to develop applications and used different programming languages that I never used before. I myself can’t imagine it and the training is not just a training, we’ve been trained and developed a real world applications not just a dummy application. It is a privilege to work in DevKinetics because they are willing to train people in the best and effective way they know."

- Albert from ASHTEC  Facebook testimonial link


 "DevKinetics OJT, one of the best thing that worth remembering for the rest of my life

The different things that I learned here was amazing and incredible, especially the scripting language AJS (Angular JavaScript). The OJT with DevKinetics taught me many things that my knowledge about the outside world is indeed so small, that I still don't have enough knowledge with the Java Language and Java still has many things you need to learn. Indeed being an OJT with DevKinetics is awesome, you will be challenged with what you will be doing, and that the tasks assigned is always not that easy, so I give thanks to DevKinetics especially Sir Kim for being an awesome and cool mentor/boss, one of the best Sir I’ve met!"

- Aldwin from PUP   Facebook testimonial link


"My OJT with DevKinetics was great thanks to Sir Kim  I learned so many things, especially new languages like AngularJS. Sir Kim made me realized that what I have learned in my Java classes was just a portion of the Java language. DevKinetics is not where your boss/es will just  command you to do something, it is where you will need to learn on your own and apply it to your tasks. The tasks may not be that easy but Sir Kim is always there willing to help. It's a blessing I've been a trainee in DevKinetics."

- Danica from PUP


"I've been DevKinetics OJT program about almost 5 months now. I learn a lot on web developing. As a Nursing Graduate I never learn anything about IT. I learned on human anatomy, healthcare and diagnosis. That's my challenge I don't know anything about programming language, coding and web development. But with DevKinetics and Boss kim supervision, help me learn a lot that cannot be experience from any companies by giving me task as System administrator, setting up servers, CMS like joomla and wordpress. I love it its a great experience, everyday is a new knowledge, you can also help other people too. Now I'm looking forward for more challenges and projects. DevKinetics success is also my success as an individual. I will cherish this to the rest of my life. Boss kim really a cool boss i ever been!!!"

- Victor a Nursing graduate | Facebook testimonial link